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Ensemble Members

The HWE is comprised of over 60 musicians, many of whom serve communities throughout central Ohio as music educators.​

Clarinets members

We have members from all walks of life who come together because they love music and love to play their musical instrument.

Lara Bailly
Debbie Costa
Linda Habig
Kelley Maas
Maggie McCarter
Beth Morris

Oboe/English Horn
Cheryl Claypool Fulton
Joshua Harkins
Jade Robertson

Austin Ahlborn
David Lehnus

Anna Baker
Mikey Blaha
Owen Dorogi
Elizabeth Ferguson
Amy Grinstead
Jennifer Hall
Ruth Isenhart (founding member)
Carl Levander
Evan Lynch
Jason Nippert
Tom Shook
Tiffany Smith
Gaby Valladares
Tim Wallick (founding member)

Bass Clarinet
Kerry McNamara

Alto Sax
Meg Beavers
Jerod Smith

Tenor Sax
Jeremy Burke

Baritone Sax
Jerry Comer

Emma Baietto
David DeCarolis
David Fazakas
Lauren Grangaard
Tyler King
Gary Orner
Doug Perry
John Vanderhoff
Joe Watkins
David Wolford (founding member)

Hannah Braun
Jennifer Bricker
Sarah Brown
Beth Jackson
Josh Reynolds
Lauren Reynolds
Sarah Zonders

Lee Auer
Jonathon Bradshaw
Ben Factor
Doug Moran (founding member)
Andy Rice

Scott Smith
Bill Thacker
Kevin Wallick
Diana Wightman

Lee Ensminger (founding member)
Roger Hathaway
Alex Healy
Janine Schmelzer Bock
Jocelyn Smallwood

Guthrie Douglas
Shelby Hipp
Noah Jenkins
Andrew Krumm
John Krumm (founding member)
Randall Lamb (founding member)
Tim Martin
Tom McLeish
Jim Swanson

Member flute
Members Timpani

Interested in joining?

xylophone Mallets with blue tips

Membership in the Heisey Wind Ensemble is by audition only. 

We are always open to hear from you and if we don’t have a spot open for a full-time membership on your instrument, we can add you to the sub list.

If you are interested in joining, please contact:

Doug Moran, Business Manager & Personnel